Tracy is recognized for her human quality. She advocates personalized and individual service with each of her clients. She is aware that she is involved in the sale or acquisition of the most important asset in your life. This is why she relies on the quality of the meetings, the time allowed, her knowledge of the market, her thoroughness of her real estate appraisals and good communication. She will accompany you in all the process: she is the one who will orchestrate everything.

She worked for several years internationally allowing her to collaborate with different types of companies, clienteles, cultures which gave her a global vision of business, a great personal enrichment and the ability to easily adapt to any situation quickly. Cosmopolitan, she perfects her English, her Spanish and learns Portuguese.

Tracy has a remarkable sense of resolution of situations, whatever the context; she does always an extra mile and works efficiently. She makes sure to always protect the interests of her customers and her happiness lies in their satisfaction!

Her studies in International Commerce will allow her to found a solid work structure. She refers to her knowledge, to her assimilated notions and she deploys them daily in real estate. She combines her wealth of experience from the last 20 years with her academic knowledge to provide you with unparalleled service.

She stands out for her charisma and courtesy. Not only does she know how to maintain good relations with her clients, she has a team of professionals whom she will put at your disposal: notary, surveyors, inspectors, experts, mortgage broker, etc.

Continuing education is essential for Tracy, who firmly believes in her development as a real estate professional in order to provide you with superior support and guidance.

Tracy makes it a duty to be at the forefront of technology and social media so that your property is always well positioned on the market and as a buyer, that you do not lose any opportunity. Meticulous, fast, conscientious are the epithets that differentiate her.

Tracy has been imbued with the real estate world since her childhood; her mother has been in the field for more than 30 years.

A professional who will make a difference and who is undoubtedly an added value in your real estate transaction.